MyMo Express Services

MYMO service can be offered through several methods; the user can choose one of the following:

·          Mobile Application

·         SMS

·         USSD

·         phone call (IVR)

·         NFC

·         Online

You can benefit & activate MYMO service whether you are Consumer, Merchant, Telecom Operator, Financial institutions or Utilities & Government, because MYMO is applicable for all type of users.

MYMO can provide the beneficiaries with lots of special features

·         Instant local & international fund transfer.

·         Convenient and time-saving.

·         Anytime, anywhere service.

·         Safe & secure transaction.

·         Simple & easy to use.

·         Availability 24*7*365.

·         Instant confirmation to sender and receiver.

·         High commitment from collateral bank.

·         Bank customer ownership.

·         Cross and up selling.

·         Plug and Play services.

·         Customer retention & Loyalty programs.

MYMO service is one of a kind that will help users in:

·         Reducing the cash liquidity by changing the current payment methods toward new m-payment approaches.

·         Developing new international standards for payment.

·         Reducing of the money floating.

·         Creating unique m-payment gate to link all government institutions together.

·         Creating unified data base.

·         Increasing the credibility of payments systems.

·         Increasing national economy efficiency.

·         Speeding up the completion of any type of transaction.